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My Journey

My Journey

I started this business

to bring others' vision

to life

Driven by Design Creative Agency LLC

also known as "DBD"

Is a multimedia visual marketing company with over 10+ years of experience. We specialize in creating compelling, promotional materials that meets the needs of individuals, small businesses and organizations who serve children and families. We also provide end-to-end project management to ensure that the materials we create achieve your desired outcome. We work with you to transform your concept from ideas to finished work.

Partnering for Success

Our main goal is to create a lasting relationship that exceeds expectation. We understand the importance of visual identity and are capable of creating within your framework.

Areas of Expertise

  • Photography & Videography
  • Web Design
  • Teaching the Art of Visual Storytelling
  • Project Management & Consulting
    • 2006

      Entrepreneurial Spirit

      Became patent pending for a design patent and went to South Africa where I took up photography for study abroad...
    • 2007

      The Light Bulb goes off

      Met with my business teacher about how to make the Marketing Club better for the students; this idea ended up turning into a business adventure...
    • 2007

      Graduation Day

      Graduated from Rutgers University Business School in Camden, NJ where I majored in Marketing and minored in Psychology...
    • 2008

      Presented my vision to Rutgers Business school on the business idea, but we had no funding and they didn't either. We decided to change the idea slightly to focus on an online graphic design competition business…The problem was that we didn't know anything about websites...
    • 2009

      Introducing Prize Driven LLC

      Started with 3 of my good friends from college...
    • 2009

      Off to a rough start...

      We met with many web developers and found out the hard truth of how much a website of this caliber would cost; the big bucks ($$$$)...
    • 2009


      We started learning how to build websites on our own the "fast way". The goal: Raise $5,000 between the three of us by making 3 websites. This would be used to get a web developer to make our website. What we learned quick was that there was no "fast way". We needed the education...
    • 2009

      LEAP Academy

      I started teaching an entrepreneurship class...More than that I started to build a bond with my students and their lives. I think I found my calling...
    • 2010

      Connecting Kids to Mentors

      Got an opportunity to do event coordinating for my hometown under the 21st Century Community Learning grant. I brought for profit and non-profit businesses together to showcase their businesses and to create synergy between them and the community...
    • 2011

      No more shortcuts

      I went to school for HTML, Intro & Intermediate CSS, XHTML, Intro to Java...
    • 2012

      Jumped the broom...

      Got married to my best friend...
    • 2012

      Bringing STEM to my hometown

      Put together a STEM event for the 21st Century Community Learning grant in my hometown...
    • 2013


      Cultivated a program based around graphic design, video production, and photography for the male students coming from different junior high and high schools in Camden, NJ.
    • 2013

      MKC Photography is born

      Started MKC Photography LLC with my wife...
    • 2014

      Opportunity taken

      I was offered to take a class at the Rutgers Incubator for free because I used to intern their during my senior year of undergrad. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and this internship gave me an inside look into what that really could be. I learned a great deal and earned a Certificate of Completion for Lean Six Sigma...
    • 2014

      If you don't ask, you might miss an opportunity

      Became an apprentice under our wedding photographer...
    • 2015

      Professional Photographers of America

      I went to a weekend boot camp in the mountains of New Milford, PA under the tutelage of Steve Kozak and passed my CPP certification exam...
    • 2016

      The Mindshift

      Worked part-time as a Marketing Coordinator at a school...
    • 2017

      Consolidated my businesses

      Combined my two businesses into one creating Driven by Design Creative Agency LLC...
    • 2018

      The Art of Visual Storytelling

      Designed a class to help students cultivate their own stories through visual media & creative writing...
    • 2018

      Driven For Him

      Started a non-profit focused on teaching History through Visual Storytelling and got my 501c3...
    • 2019

      A Strange Day for the Cooper Heroes...

      Brought the Art of Visual Storytelling to Cooper's Poynt Family School in Camden, NJ. I enjoyed working with the 2nd & 3rd graders and their teachers. We put together an amazing episode.
    • 2020

      My Journey Continues...

      Follow me as I continue on this journey helping those who help others...