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My Journey

Michael L. Clay

Multimedia Visual Storyteller & Lifestyle Photographer

Michael started his business in 2009 and has groomed himself into the visual storyteller he is today with the help of family and friends. Through these years is where he would find his niche’ and target market using the art mediums of videography, photography and creative writing to encapsulate their stories.

As the CEO, Multimedia Visual Storyteller and Lifestyle Photographer of Driven by Design Creative Agency LLC, Michael prides hisself in capturing documentary styled real world events and milestones. His goal is not to pose, but seal true moments in time for those individuals, small businesses and organizations who serve children and families.

Through his journey he has fostered keys towards growth:

Always listening for opportunity to learn, teach and build with each client. These conversations are the driving force towards expression where we take those stories off the paper and create the bridge towards your intended audience. Everyday our journey will be a learned experience to be used as your guide to rise to the challenge. Passion is the compass and dedication is the map to completing the bridge so that you will be able to walk into the lives of those children and families you serve with your head held high ready to make a difference.

Let Michael be apart of your journey as your Multimedia Visual Storyteller & Lifestyle Photographer.