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Commercial Advertising


Corporate Headshots

Let the photo speak for you before your audience meets you (Social Media & Speaking Engagements)

Service Photography

Come to us when your company/org is in need of marketing a program and/or service

Product Photography

Your brands imagery is the first impression a potential client sees. Let us give you a product that represents your target audience.

Food Photography

Your favorite meals & recipes showcased the way you want it for your audience

Real Estate

We can accommodate all your needs when it comes to showcasing your property to potential customers

Rates Breakdown



Day Rate

(Up to 8 hours)

1/2 Day Rate

(Up to 4 hours)


Licensing & Usage

File Administration

Same Day Delivery


Food Styling*

Additional Photographer

Exclusive Rights*

Commercial Advertising Rates






$30 per image





Exclusive Rights:

All images, by in large, are photographed with the intent to license them to your business for commercial use with non-exclusive rights. This means that you can use the images for the promotion of your business in any normal way (like your website and marketing materials) while we retain ownership of the work we create with the ability to license the photos to other entities. If you would like exclusive rights to the copyright, it is available on request for an additional fee.


All commercial work is billed on the basis of a day rate plus licensing fees. Any digital manipulation beyond sorting, color correction and cropping is additional.

Food Styling:

Most food photography jobs where styling is done on our end takes time to prepare and create and because of that it is tailored to our day rate pricing.

Keep in mind:

We do not mix and match commercial advertising types within the same day. For example, if you are in need of food photography with food styling, we cannot also add corporate headshots on the same day rate.

If you have a specific budget in mind for your project, please let us know and we can put together a custom price for you.